— We Listen

Listening is a powerful tool. It’s why we have two ears and one mouth. Everyone has a story to tell  and wants to be heard.


— We Learn

I am an eternal student of life. I love the saying,”I did’nt know that”. When we learn we grow.


— We Share

When we share stories we all grow together. I believe in equality and our community all growing together.


— We Educate

Knowledge is power and Education is King! It’s as simple as that.


— We Explore

There will always be a kid inside me that loves creation and exploration. Life is an Adventure. 


— We Inspire

Inspiration can come from the simplest things in life and through lived experiences of people. We hope you can be inspired to create The life you dream of.


Not all Superheroes  wear a cape!

In this episode of the podcast, Matt sat down and spoke with Fran Dempsey.  On the show Fran talks about losing his son Ryan to suicide , the impact Ryan’s loss had on his family, how much of a superhero Ryan was, the increasing rates of suicide , representing the Mental Health Warrior at Gay Pride, the stigma around mental health.
The poor care that the family and Ryan received from the Healthcare services , the positive impact that Ryan has had on other people’s life’s , the importance of communication ,  how amazing the community is within the Liberties , the work that the Mental Health Warriors do and loads more.

A moment for Mindfulness

In this episode of the podcast I sat down with Chris Fallon, Chris is the founder of the Facebook group ‘ A Moment For Mindfulness. On the show Chris talks about how he started the group, the responses he has received from the group, meditation, what it was like growing up, his battle with addiction, mindfulness and so much more! 
Chris talks about the benefits of using mindfulness when your mind is constantly in a state of chaos and disorder and how you can centre yourself and bring your issues  back to the here and now in order to better manage your daily life.

our goal

to bring you amazing
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