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— Rooney Media Graphics

Rooney Media Graphics have supported the Magic Minds Podcast and all things design since the podcast was created. We couldn’t speak highly enough about their services. If you need graphic design services contact Rooneys on  01- 797 8774. or visit them at

IRELAND | Dublin

— Liberties Photography & Web Design

Liberties Photography & Web Design support the Magic Minds Podcast and all things photography and web design. Since coming on board in late 2019 they have helped us develop our new web presence. If you are a small business or community organisation whether it’s a photographer or web designer service contact Liberties on  087 9482204 or visit them at

IRELAND | Dublin

— Shannon's Hopeline

Shannon’s Hopeline was set up in memory of my daughter who died by Suicide on the 24th of January 2012 at the very young age of 13. Shannon’s suicide was a complete shock to us as a family and the whole community. Shannon never mentioned suicide and signs of suicidal ideation went unnoticed. Shannon was a caring, sensitive young girl and a very funny character. She had a great love for children, art, comedy and music. We can be contact at or on 00 353 (1) 4549256

IRELAND | Dublin

— Mental Health Warriors

Cherry Orchard resident Lisa Palmer, a special needs assistant, generated over 2,500 signatures going door-to-door in Cherry Orchard and Ballyfermot.“After many suicides in my area I started a petition for an out-of-hours mental health service to be made available to offer crisis intervention for those feeling suicidal,” said Lisa.Senator Máire Devine facilitated a meeting between Lisa Palmer and Fran Dempsey, from the Liberties, who is also fighting for suicide supports in his area.“We decided a march was needed to deliver a joint petition to the Minister – I will personally attend on behalf of my children’s future,” said Lisa. Senator Devine says community activists have come together under the banner ‘Mental Health Warrior.’ “This group no longer accepts the tragedies in our communities which is due in part by the lack of 24/7 out-of-hours services,” MHW can be contacted via Facebook


let's make mental wellbeing services
an election priority in 2020!